Simply You!

We at Ezra believe that it is all about the customer. We LISTEN to what our customers want, and build a solution around their needs and expectations. After all, The Customer is ALLWAYS right.

We provide turnkey solutions from Connectivity to Security to Retail Management software. With over 30yrs experience we are bound to provide you with the best possible solution for your business.Our Services are not limited to the 4 KEY categories listed above, but also include the following:

Wireless Internet & VoIP Solutions

Why Wireless Internet ...

In South Africa, cable theft is very common. So much so, that Telkom is refusing to replace the infrastructure in High-Risk areas.In 2016 cable theft cost Telkom about R200m.

Our solution is Wireless Broadband. With a wireless signal thats transmitted to your Business, there is no cables that can be damaged or stolen. Combine Wireless Internet with VoIP (Voice over IP) and you have a solution that wont leave you frustrated. Not only is wireless internet more stable than conventional ADSL Lines, but its much faster. Internet speed up to 100mbps vs 10mbs for ADSL. We provide Wireless Internet to areas that didnt even have ADSL in the past, and where Fiber isn't available as yet, due to infrastructure costs.

Why VoIP ...

With VoIP you can cut your monthly call costs by 60%. This is the main reason Business change to a VoIP system. But thats not the only advantage. When you move premises, you take your VoIP enabled phone with you. Thus your Number stays the same and you dont have long waiting periods for Telkom to facilitate the line move to the new premises. And VoIP PABX systems can be customized to your specific needs.

Internet Connectivity Uptime Per Year 98%
Area Coverage in Pietermaritzburg 90%

Call Cost Savings when changing to VoIP 60%
Customer Satisfaction 100%

The All in 1 Retail Software Solution

We have partnered with Multipos Africa to bring you the best Retail Management Software on the market

MultiPOS is designed to handle all back office transactions and links all your POS terminals together across your networks to create a total POS solution. MultiPOS allows you control over inventory, cash management and staff. It will allow you to detect theft and stock shortages before they get out of hand. Stock levels are adjusted after every sales transaction.You can also monitor cash flow, expenditure, turn over and gross profit. In addition you can view reports on your cashiers turnover and time sheets. MulPOS is rich in feature and offers you a myriad of controls, reports and options enabling full control of your business, staff, inventory and profits. MultiPos is available for Retail Stores, Restaurants, Hardware Stores, Motor Vehicle Spares Stores and Scrap/Breaker Yards.

15 Breaker Yards
674 Various Retail Stores
24 Chain Store Groups

CCTV & Access Control

Facial recognition can be deployed in many scenarios security and administration in a variety of applications to alert the operators of the system on the presence of persons of interest. This is accomplished through the modeling of facial images and calculation of similarities. This technology is becoming a crucial tool against people who enter casinos, Since an individual's identity can be used to alert security guards about the presence of a known offender, allowing security staff denied access. In this manner, fraudulent behaviors can be avoided. This technology can also be used to prevent the entry of criminals known in sports stadiums, restaurants, retail stores or Shopping malls.

Time & attendance

Human resources software can often help HR professionals manage the many tasks appointed to them. Time and attendance is just one aspect of this, but the right software can help you and your company in a number of ways.

Up-to-date, easy to access scheduling can make sure no miscommunications about timing and availability occur. When an employee is constantly absent, late or working overtime, your time and attendance software shows that too.

Easily calculate paychecks and avoid payroll errors. HRIS solutions and some time and attendance software solutions allow employers to calculate paychecks with ease, automatically taking into account taxes and voluntary deductions.

Easy integration between payroll software and any other programs used by HR simplify the tasks of your HR team. Your HR department can become more efficient and focus on other responsibilities when they save time with the right software.

Make Your Home Come Alive !!!

With our cost effective solutions, even you can have a "Smart Home"

With a smart home, you will not only save on electricity bills, but also get to show it to all your friends and family.

Home automation systems have definitely proven themselves in the arena of energy efficiency. Automated thermostats allow you to pre-program temperatures based on the time of day and the day of the week. And some even adjust to your behaviors, learning and adapting to your temperature preferences without your ever inputting a pre-selected schedule. Traditional or behavior-based automation can also be applied to virtually every gadget that can be remotely controlled – from sprinkler systems to coffee makers. Actual energy savings ultimately depend on the type of device you select and its automation capabilities. But on average, product manufacturers estimate the systems can help consumers save anywhere from 10 to 15 percent off of heating and cooling bills.

In today’s fast-paced society, the less you have to worry about, the better. Right? Convenience is another primary selling point of home automation devices, which virtually eliminate small hassles such as turning the lights off before you go to bed or adjusting the thermostat when you wake up in the morning. Many systems come with remote dashboard capabilities, so forgetting to turn off that coffee pot before you leave no longer requires a trip back to the house. Simply pull up the dashboard on a smart device or computer, and turn the coffee pot off in a matter of seconds.